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Cyber bullying

In Sycamore Class we have been learning about Cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a specific type of bullying that takes place online. Due to the nature of cyber bullying, some people do not realise they are being a bully or are being bullied - but if the behaviour online is repeatedly done with the desire to cause emotional distress to another person then it is still bullying. Cyber bullying is just as serious as bullying that takes place in the playground and it must be stopped. We discussed that just because you are unable to see if a person is upset by a message or a picture being shared, doesn’t mean they aren't upset. It is also important to understand that by liking cruel comments or sharing mean videos online, you are contributing to the bullying even if you did not post it in the first place.

The children designed posters to help other children if they are victims of cyber bullying.