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The children of Acorn and Oak classes are enjoying the story the naughty bus; by Jan and Jerry Oke.

The children will use the book to take a journey within the world around them. They will think of all the different forms of transport which can help us to travel. They will learn about London and the differences between a city and a town; or village. They will visit their class bus station and travel in the naughty bus as they create their own mischief and adventures.

The children will also learn about dinosaurs and pond life as they follow the pages in the book. To end the topic, we will be thinking about hygiene as we will find throughout our adventures the naughty bus will become a little dirty.

In Acorn and Oak classes we will be learning how to use money and create an amount or add two amounts together. We will learn about ordinal numbers and shapes. The children will learn to count accurately and consistently as they focus on recognising their target numbers.

During our DT sessions the children will design and create their very own naughty busses; we look forward to hearing about the adventures and mischief which take place outside of school.

Thank you for all your ongoing support; please keep reading at home and help your children to develop their love of reading; they are all working incredible hard during phonics and reading sessions.