Teacher: Mrs E. Earnshaw

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Leach & Mr Schumann


Teacher: Mrs E. Earnshaw

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S. Leach & Mr Schumann


15-17th November ROBINWOOD

























CLASS ASSEMBLY - Stories of Jesus

Well done to the whole of Sycamore Class who very clearly explained how life is a lot easier when you think of others and that when you do, much more is achieved. 


We all enjoyed our session with Margaret and Isobel from the Caledonian Scottish Dancing group who came into school to promote this activity out of school. We all learnt two different dances where we had to listen carefully to the beat of the music and remember different steps. At the end, we all received a certificate of achievement and details of the club. 

Thank you Isobel and Margaret.


This term the children will be learning about the WWII in History, Earth and Space in Science and The Exodus in RE. 






During this term, the children are gearing towards their Year 6 tests which start on Monday 13th May. The timetable for these tests is:

Monday 13th May                   Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation                   9.30am

                                                Spelling                                                                    11.00am

Tuesday 14th May                  Reading                                                                    9.30am

Wednesday 15th May             Arithmetic                                                                 9.30am

                                                Reasoning 1                                                             11.00am

Thursday 16th May                Reasoning 2                                                               9.30am


During this week, the children are invited to have breakfast together in Sycamore classroom from 8 30am so that we can start the day together. 


During our Health and Well-being week, the children have taken part in a variety of activities not only concentrating  on being physically active but emotionally well too. They participated in a yoga session, concentrating on their breathing and being calm. In contrast to this, they took part in a skipping workshop which looked at being active in a fun way. All the children tried skipping tricks and some of them were amazing!

As a class, we have embraced being physically active and we take part in a daily run raising our heart rates and enjoy the chance of being outside every day, giving our minds a rest during the mornings.


On Monday 15th January, Sycamore Class visited the castle for a Myths and Legends Experience. All the children took part in story telling workshops and learnt how to defend their dragon. This was a fabulous start to our Myths and Legends English topic.

After our visit, the children have already created their own dragons using their imagination and creativity.

In addition to this, our other theme this half term is Ancient Greece.


23rd January SATs Y6 parents meeting 6pm

Gymnastics with Ribble Valley Acrobatics Academy

This half term, the children in Sycamore Class have been having their Gymnastics lessons with a Gym coach from RVAA. They have explored the 5 basics movements concentrating on improving their overall posture and body tension. Plus, they have improved their cartwheels, used apparatus, explored rhythmic gymnastics and made shape trains. 

Well done Sycamore as you've improved your overall posture and body awareness. 

PE Values

Well done to these children for attaining the PE Values this half term. 

Respect: Leland Garlick

Determination: Gracie Bergman

Honesty: Frankie Manley

Self belief: Liam Hitchman

Passion: Nyle Cowperthwaite

Teamwork: Leah Young

WORLD BOOK DAY - 7th March 

What fabulous costumes Sycamore class came dressed in today! We had a few Boys in Dresses, a Gangster Granny, an Oompa Loompa, a couple Harry Potter characters, Snow White, Alices in Wonderland and many, many more!

In addition to this, the children brought in their favourite book and gave the class a short review of it. 


On Friday 8th March, Johnson Matthey and Dr Marten visited Year 6 once again to run the Iconic Tower Challenge. In groups of six, the children learnt how to build stable structures using wooden dowels and elastic bands only. Working collaboratively, they planned the type of tower they wanted to build. It had to be free standing with the tallest tower winning the the challenge. The children had a budget to spend but if they spent too much money, they lost points.  

After an hour of building, the towers were measured. Luckily, this year, all the towers were free standing ensuring maximum points for each team. 

With all the designs scrutinised, towers measured and the amount of money taken into account, the winner was announced as 'Gucci Gang' with 3780 points with The Savage Sharks in a close second place with 3440 points. 

We are now eagerly awaiting whether, as a school, we have collectively scored enough points to go through to the final at The Grand on Thursday 21st March. 



Well done to the 'Gucci Gang' who represented St James' CE on 21st March at the STEM challenge final at The Grand. The children (Frankie, Olivia, Nyle, Cameron, Dulcie and Ameila) had to complete four separate challenges ably assisted by Mrs Longhi throughout the day. Once all the points had been calculated, Gucci Gang came fifth overall out of eight competing teams. 

Well done for representing the class, and school, so professionally. 


On Thursday 21st March, Sycamore class held their auditions for the RAISE talent show on Friday 22nd March. After listening to all the acts, the children voted for who they wanted to go through to the St James' final on Friday. The vote was tied with Ellie and Charlotte both receiving the same amount of votes. We had two acts in the final!

On Friday, both Ellie and Charlotte battled nerves and performed superbly at the final. They were amazing.

At the end of the talent show, and much deliberation by the judges, Ellie was awarded a place at The Grand final on Friday 5th April. Good luck Ellie. 





On Monday 25th March, Sycamore Class took part in a tag rugby competition within the class with the rugby coach Phil. There were four teams: red, yellow, green and white. 

Well done to yellow team who won the competition. 

All the children competed in a very sporting manner and showed determination, good teamwork and honesty. It was clear to see that they understood the basic principles of tag rugby. 

Well done to Maimuna who scored the best overall try and to Emre who got the best assist. 


Well done to Leah Young who won the Spring Reading Challenge by reading the most books on 'Book Bingo.' I wonder what the next challenge will be?

Amazing Anglo-Saxons and Vicious Vikings

On 20th May, Sycamore Class visited the castle, in Clitheroe, to experience a hands-on history session learning all about The Battle of Hastings, weapons and armour of the time and a fun 'egg' challenge.  Many of the children particularly enjoyed the drama session of bringing alive The Battle of Hastings and even the teachers were allowed to join in. Hopefully, the children with remember when The Battle of Hastings was and who was involved. 

Athletics Intra- Class Competition 

This week the children have been putting some of their athletic skills to the test by seeing how far they can throw a vortex, how far they can jump by completing a standing long jump and finally by testing their accuracy when throwing. The children not only challenged themselves by trying to better their own personal achievement but were scoring points for their team point teams too.  

At the end of the lesson, the scores were:

Jupiter                 45 points

Mars                     43 points

Saturn                  29 points

Venus                   37 points

Jupiter were the clear winners, this time. 


On 24th May, all the children in Sycamore class took part in the second part of Sports Day 2019. All the children competed against members of their class but children who were in different team point teams so that they could gain as many points for their team. They all competed in : a spring, an obstacle race and a novelty race. A number of children were selected to take part in the final race of the morning - the relay. Here the event could be won or lost on the change over of a baton!

After compiling all the results, Jupiter were the clear winners by 74 points. Well done to all who competed as Sycamore definitely tried their very best and showed themselves to be great sports men and women. 

Important Dates for the Summer Term

This last half term is set to be a busy one and there are a number of key dates which the children need to be aware of. Here are just a few of them:- 

10th June                  RHS here to visit all children attending next year

13th June                  Bowland HS to visit all Y6 attending next year

18th June                  Y6 cricket competition (children involved will be contacted directly)

20th June                  DT day - Mr Longhi will in in showing us all how to make fairground rides

24th June                  Storyteller trip to RHS at 9am

                                  Fire service in to talk to Y6

28th June                  New entrants morning to CRGS

1st July                      New entrants day at RHS

                                  New entrants day at Bowland HS

2nd July                     New entrants day at Bowland HS

                                  Blackburn Cathedral Leaver's Service for Y6

3rd July                     Swimming Gala

                                  St James' Church to worship with Y6 in the Worship area

10-11 July                   Ye-Ha

15th July                    Y6 trip

18th July                    Leaver's Service at St James' Church

19th July                    Final day at primary school 

Super Science

In our Science lessons we have been learning about how animals and plants have adapted and evolved over time. As part of the topic we looked at varieties of finches found in the Galapagos Islands and how they were similar and different. One of the main differences were the size and shape of the beak. This led us, Sycamore Class, to investigate how much a bird could eat depending on the shape of their beak and the type of food available. 

We couldn't use real birds so we 'adapted' and used a variety of objects as beaks (tweezers, pegs, cocktail sticks) and used a variety of different foods (mini marshmallows, strawberry laces, sunflower seeds, raisins). The children had 10 seconds with each beak to fill up the bird's stomach as best they could then the bird flew to the next table until they had tried all the beaks to see which was the most successful with one item of food. 

The children soon realised that certain beak shapes and certain foods were hopeless together and, after discussion, the children agreed that these birds would either starve, would have to alter their habitat, their food source and eventually over time may have to evolve altogether. 

The children enjoyed this activity by not only learning through practical Science but also enjoyed eating the foods too!

Rehearsals are underway for this years end of year production - Ye-ha. It's a rootin-tootin tale of crazy cowboys, barmy baddies, masked heroes and hidden gold!
Pulse Raising
On Monday, the children had to design their own investigations to show the effects of exercise on their pulse rate. Most of the children decided to investigate how different exercises would affect their pulse rate whilst others decided to investigate how the amount time you exercised for affected your pulse rate. After planning, and thinking about how to keep the test fair, they all went into the hall to put their plans into action. 

Keep a check on this page for the results of their investigations.

Movie Mayhem
The children have been putting their skills to the test by producing I-Movie trailers. They
had to produce a trailer for a new game or new movie by selecting, using and combining a variety of software to design and create a the trailer and edit all their footage to ensure it met the purpose. 
Here is one example. 
Keep checking as other examples will appear in due course. 

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Sycamore have been busy analysing, exploring, designing, making and evaluating fairground rides. Firstly, they looked at different fairground rides and decided whether the motion was: oscillatory, reciprocation, linear or rotary. This was followed by a lengthy discussion about rides the children had enjoyed and what made them appealing. Next, the children designed the ride that they would make but it had to work using rotary motion. 
After that, there was a practical session where the children created a simple circuit, making their own switches, that would power a motor which would eventually turn their fairground ride.
The making of the fairground rides followed following their plans - some were adapted along the way. Finally, once the rides were complete, the children had he task of ensuring their ride 'rotated' using rotary motion using their circuits and pulleys. 
After an exhausting 2 days, all the children had made a fairground ride that would work. Those that struggled to rotate led to good discussions on design faults and next steps for next time. 

Intra - Class Kurling

This week the children have taken part in a new age kurling competition in class. After four rounds, team LIRC were successful winning 4 of their games. 

Well done. 

Blackburn Cathedral Leaver's Service

On Tuesday 2nd July, all the Year 6 children were invited to a leaver's service at Blackburn Cathedral organised by the diocese. All the children, sang songs, listened to Bishop Philip's address and the children were given a small, engraved wooden cross to carry with them on the next step of their journey. The key theme was journeys and how they were about to embark on the next leg of their journey. 

'Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.' 

Hebrew 12 v1 

December 2017 - The class really enjoyed their World War 2 workshops. They were able to explore genuine World War 2 artefacts as well as finding out more about the blackout and trying some actual World War 2 first aid techniques.


Welcome to Sycamore Class. Here are a few details to help you organise yourselves at the start of a busy term.

PE             Monday and Wednesday (no swimming in Y6). Please have trainers in for every lesson.


Monday             Spellings

Wednesday       Reading (reading record signed by an adult).

Friday               Maths or English activity


Important dates:

13th September          CRGS open evening

18th September          Robinwood meeting

                                    for parents – 6pm    

21st September          Bowland open evening

28th September         Ribblesdale open evening

29th September         Ribblesdale ‘Taster Day’

8-10th November       ROBINWOOD




Sycamore class have already been

working hard. In our English lessons, we have been learning about effective questioning which we put into action by hot-seating Harry Potter.

Have a look at our six budding Harry Potters who not only wrote questions but answered them too. Well done.

Class Assembly 

Cross Country Success

Well done to these four Sycamore cross country runners who have qualified to represent the school and the Ribble Valley at

the East Lancashire Cross Country event on 14th June 2018 at Witton Park. These children came in the top 25 in each of their

races: Isaac Earnshaw, Madison Hart, Jackson Davies and Libby Barnes. Amazing achievement!



The SATs test are over and High School is looming on the horizon. This term is busy with getting ready for moving on to High School and of course, our production 'The Adventures of Super Stan.' 


Firstly, we are very lucky to have both Maths and English teachers from Ribblesdale High School coming in to deliver transition lessons to Year 6 in preparation for High School. These will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. 


In addition to this, all our children will be visiting their own High Schools on transition days  (these organised by your child's high school). 


Last week, all our Year 6 children were given the opportunity to complete a course of 'Safer Cycling on the Road.' Of the 21 children who took part, all 21 completed the course successfully. Well done Sycamore.


Our production nights are Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th July at 7pm. We would love you to come and watch the children who are practising hard at the moment. 


Our Year 6 class trip is on Tuesday 18th July.

Finally, our leaver's service (at church) will be held in the final week - date to follow. Tissues at the ready!!



                                         BIKEABILITY - JUNE 2017


What do you know about scientific discoveries?


Who discovered Penicillin?

During which century was antiseptic first used in surgery?

What did Louis Pasteur find out about disease?

During this half term, we will be creating fact files on certain scientist concentrating on their discoveries and its impact on society at the time and now.

You need to decide which scientist discovered the most important and life changing discovery which impacts society today and why.  



As the weather is cold, could you make sure that you have tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts, hat and gloves for PE on a Thursday as you may be outside.

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